Art Festival at Nagoya University of Arts

The season for art and cultural festivals has arrived across the country.
Last week, GEISAI had a great honor of being invited as an event guest at the art fair of the Nagoya University of Arts.

With GEISEI Committee member Takumi Kaseno as the lead, we, as Kaikai Kiki Special Force, performed a live painting. Other participants in the event included much-talked-about artists such as Ai☆Madonna, ina takamyuki, and enra, showcasing their amazing performances.

The hall became charged with everyone's excitement as the performances went on.
When our turns came, we thoroughly prepared our performance so we could live up to the expectation as the closing act.

We go on painting rhythmically to the music. We used as our motif Sforza Monument Horse, the monumental sculpture that exists only Nagoya, which was based on da Vinci's sketch of the same name.

In November 1493, da Vinci completed a 7.2m clay model for Sforza Monument Horse at the behest of Francesco Sforza, the duke of Milan. But the bronze monument was never cast due to the subsequent war and the fall of Sforza; the clay model was later destroyed, making the monument something of a phantom.

In 1989, the colossal equestrian monument was resurrected in FRP on the occasion of the World Design Expo in Nagoya. This is the world's only embodiment of this monument.

This is the completed painting.
Though we had never managed to complete the work in time during our practice sessions, we were able to do so with some time to spare thanks to the enthusiastic atmosphere on the site.

At the end, we posed for a group shot together with Yuina Wada, the graduate of the University and the recipient of the Shin Suzuki Award in GEISAI#17, who also participated as an MC.

We'd like to thank all who have participated in the event and the Art Festival Committee at the Nagoya University of Arts.

On the same day, we visited Aichi Triennale, also held in Nagoya, where Takuya Yamashista's works were shown. He was the recipient of the Koichi Watari Award at GEISAI#19.

All of us on the GEISAI Committee are cheering for the artists from GEISAI to continue achieving great many successes.

*One of the jurors has been confirmed!
We are happy to inform that Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko, who unfortunately had to cancel his participation for GEISAI#15, will finally be our juror.

Toshiyuki Inoko
President, Team Lab (Ultra-Technologist Group)