Video Interviews with Past GEISAI Award Recipients

This week, we are holding a solo exhibition by Kouhei Fujisawa, who was ranked #1 in the audience survey at GEISAI#19. The exhibition is on view at Hidari Zingaro on the third floor of Nakano Broadway.

We gad a chance to catch up with Fujisawa before the start of the exhibition and the results can be seen in the view interview below.

◉Interview with Kouhei Fujisawa, winner of first place in the audience survey

Fujisawa’s delicate drawing, done with a 0.03mm pencil, and dynamic paintings are full of life. We hope you will come see them for yourself.

【Exhibition by Kouhei Fujisawa】
Location: Hidari Zingaro, Nakano Broadway 3F
Dates: Thursday June 13 to Tuesday June 18
Hours: 12:00 to 19:00
Closed: Wednesday