Video Interviews with Past GEISAI Award Recipients

We have now begun the last of our exhibitions for GEISAI award winners. The exhibitions are taking place at Hidari Zingaro, located on the third floor of Nakano Broadway.
The final installment in the series has been given to Takuya Yamashita, recipient of Koichi Watari’s personal award at GEISAI#18.

At the fair, Yamashita’s booth was arranged with paintings and sculptural work and its unique visual impact caught the eye of a large umber of visitors

Photos of Yamashita’s booth at GEISAI#18

We had a chance to visit Yamashita at his residence as well as during preparations for an exhibition at a gallery in Kichijoji, “Art Center Ongoing”. Be sure to check out the interview below before visiting his exhibition at Hidari Zingaro.

◉Interview with Takuya Yamashita, winner of the Koichi Watari Prize at GEISAI#18

Comments from Koji Watari:

His miniatures and the series of Buddhist altars on display were very interesting. I also had a look at his portfolio, in which one of photos shows an exhibition where objects are installed on spears put through holes in the wall that he cut with a saw. This type of work can’t be done at GEISAI but I found it quite amusing. It was for this reason that I chose him and I wish him the best of luck as he ventures out into the world as an artist.

《Yamashita’s exhibition at Hidari Zingaro》

《Yamashita’s Exhibition at Kaikai Zingaro》

Takuya Yamashita has put together an exhibition that will knock you out with its unique perspective. Be sure to stop by both Hidari zingaro and Kaikai Zingaro as well.

【Exhibition by Takuya Yamashita】
Location: Hidari Zingaro, Nakano Broadway 3F
Dates: Thursday July 11 to Tuesday July 16
Hours: 12:00 to 19:00
Closed: Wednesday