GEISAI Prize Winner Exhibition

Currently, PointRanking1 solo show in GEISAI#19 winner exhibition being held at the Nakano Broadway 3F Hidari Zingaro.

Boasting a huge hit and sold out in the open only two days a piece of whole-body 100 "Yokai Inujima" We deliver to everyone the video today, because I interviewed an artist, Yoko Ishii.

● GEISAI Prize Winner Exhibition "Yokai Inujima" artist interview

In the interview, we evaluate the total explanation of concept display history and the work has occurred.

You might be able to learn the tricks of the extreme popularity attract the "Yokai Inujima" audience.

Exhibition will remain open until Tuesday the 10th.
Nakano Broadway 3F Hidari Zingaro at ( Please not miss by all means You can see it work.