Video Interview with Past GEISAI Award Recipient

Hidari Zingaro, located on the third floor of Nakano Broadway, is currently holding an exhibition by Yuasaeboshi, the recipient of the Gabriel Ritter Prize at GEISAI#19. We recently had a chance to catch Yuasaeboshi for a video interview and the results can be seen on the GEISAITV Youtube channel.

An interview with an artist awarded The Gabriel Ritter Prize at GEISAI#19

We also had a chance to visit Yuasaeboshi’s studio and will compiled a report below:

The artist’s home/studio is located in Chiba. Yuasaeboshi has a unique history; at one time worked in the financial industry but is now devoting himself to his artworks full time.

The atelier is located approximately 15 minutes by bus from Chiba station. Once inside, we got a first hand look at his production process. The image below shows the artist selecting images from newspapers for a collage

The clips are then sorted into different folders. When asked for his favorite newspaper, he answered “the Sankei Shinbun”, the reason being that there are a lot of photos in black and white.

The artist proudly showed us his stock of clips. We were surprised to hear this was only a portion of his collection

This is how he clips an article when he finds it interesting. We were again surprised to hear that he has been using these same scissors since he was a child.

The artworks are then produced with a pair of tweezers, a mold of 5cm × 5cm, and of course his scissors. Clips are drawn from the folders, which are divided by category ( “bodies,” “backgrounds”, etc.)

Here is a closeup of the collage in action. He is placing a shot of a man’s back against a background.

Around 120 collage works will be exhibited at Hidari Zingaro. Please visit and enjoy.
The show will be open from Thursday, December 12 to Tuesday, December 17 at Hidari Zingaro on the third floor of Nakano Broadway (