Event Outline

Event Name GEISAI#20
Date Sunday, May 4, 2014
Venue Tokyo Ryutsu Center (TRC) Nearest Station: Ryutsu Center Station, Tokyo Monorail
Application Period Accepting applications since Sunday, September 22. Application will be closed once the booths are sold out.
Application Eligibility Artists who are 29 and younger, creating original artworks, and are looking to debut professionally are eligible.
*ATTENTION! → There will be a preliminary screening through image submissions! Once you have filled out the application form, you will receive the preliminary screening form via auto-reply to your registered email address.
Please submit images of your works within two weeks of filling out the application form.
Application Process Once you have filled out the application form (http://goo.gl/Wn10Sb), you will automatically receive the URL for the preliminary screening form at your registered email address.
There will be a preliminary screening based on the images submitted, and those who passed the screening will receive the payment instructions.
Upon payment confirmation in the specified account, your participation will be confirmed.
Admission Fee Free
Images from Previous Events pg15_kaijou01
Each event draws an extremely enthusiastic crowd.
Young artists aiming for professional debuts gather and showcase their works in heated presentations.
You can present your unique works in any way you desire.
You will be very close to your audience. The visitors communicate with each other as well.
Hall Map *Currently in preparation.
(In alphabetical order)
Toshiyuki Inoko, President of Team Lab, is our first confirmed juror. → http://www.geisai.net/g20_en/examiner/
Exhibitor's Fee The fee is based on the booth specs. Please review this link (http://www.geisai.net/g20_en/offer/) for details including the fees.