GEISAI is comming back! Sunday, August 21, 2022!

GEISAI is comming back! Sunday, August 21, 2022!


On August 21, 2022, Kaikai Kiki is reviving GEISAI.

With the Geijutsu Dojo Grand Prix held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in 2001 as the starting point, GEISAI, an event for discovering new artists, was held 28 times over 13 years up to #20 in 2014, interspersed with the GEISAI Museum, for which all the jurors were museum directors, as well as iterations in Miami, Basel, and Taiwan. GEISAI used to mean “festival of arts,” as the literal translation of the Japanese word, with the aim of creating a market in Japan, and I think the market has since come to its own to some extent as a result.

Therefore, we intend this year's GEISAI to be a little different from the past GEISAIs.


Event Outline

  • Event Name

  • Date

    Sunday, 21 August 2022
  • Venue

    Tokyo Big Sight,
    South Hall 1

The jury of GEISAI#21