Steps to your Participation

Exhibitor Application

Please apply for the exhibition using the application form.
*Reception has been closed.

Preliminary Screening

Please fill in the form and attach the images for pre-screening. Your application will be completed after submission.
*This step is just the completion of application and does not indicate the approval of it.

After submission of application, an automatic reply email to your registered email address will be sent with the submitted details.

*Maximum size of Image is 100MB.
*Images must be in jpg, png or gif format only.

Once you have submitted the form, please wait for the results. The earlier you submit your entry, the more favorable it is for your application process.
*The screening will take approximately one week.

Screening Result

Applicants who have passed the preliminary screening will be notified via email with a form for the Booth and Optional Equipments application.
*The results of the preliminary screening will also be posted on the GEISAI website.

Payment of the Exhibitor's Fee

After the booth application is completed, the payment of the exhibition fee may be made by credit card or bank transfer. Payment remitted by credit card will be completed immediately. For those who choose the method of bank transfer, we will send you an automatic reply email with instructions on how to pay the exhibition fee. Applications will be automatically cancelled after the deadline stated in the e-mail.

*Exhibition fee is non-refundable once it has been paid. If you wish to cancel your application, we cannot return the paid amount.

Application Completed

Once the payment for the application fee is made, your application for participation is complete.
For credit card payment, the exhibition application will be completed upon completion of payment.
For bank transfer payment, we will send a payment confirmation by email.

Promotion on the Exhibitors' Page

We will publicize your booth name, artwork images and social media information on our website.

Exhibitor Guidelines to be Sent

One month before the exhibition, we will send you the “Participant Manual” via e-mail. The manual includes the designated booth number, necessary precautions for the exhibition and more. Please make sure you check and share with all participating personnel.

On the Day of GEISAI#21 Event

Enjoy the event!

The above schedule is subject to change depending on circumstance. In the event of any changes, we will announce it on the website.