GEISAI#20 to feature live theater performance by. Toko Nikaido.!

With the deadline for GEISAI#20 approaching in 3 days, we wanted to pass on a report from a recent meeting with Touko Nikaido regarding her live performance at GEISAI#20!

Ms. Nikaido is the director and a performer for “Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker”.

“Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker” is a theatrical company composed of 30 members whose song and dance events resemble something like the below images and have already captured a devoted following.

In addition to performances in Japan, the group conducted a European tour in August 2013 and are on their way to being known around the world. They were also the subject of a feature article in Bijutsu Techo in the same year.

The August issue of Bijutsu Techo (Bijutsu Shuppansha)

Ms. Nikaido (right) and company organizer Mr. Kabasawa (left).
They were here to discuss the planning for their live performance at GEISAI#20 on May 4, 2014.

The performance will take place after the awards ceremony and we promise it will be absolutely breathtaking.

What could be the meaning of this memo?
Find out by attending the live performance by Miss Revolutionary Idol Berserker.

GEISAI will be held only once this year and we are accepting applications from artists 29 and younger.
We look forward to hearing from you .