Exhibition by GEISAI#20 Nikaido Touko Prize Recipient Shugyo Kawakami now being held at Hidari Zingaro

An exhibition by Syugyo Kawakami, the recipient of Nikaido Touko’s personal award at GEISAI#20, is now taking place at Hidari Zingaro on the third floor of Nakano Broadway( )from July 3 through 8. Below is a report on the preparations

The first works to catch the eye are these large paintings. The exhibition will include both works shown at GEISAI#20 and newer works in which the artist is exploring newly developed techniques.

The layout for the exhibition was planned, down to the last detail, by the artist and executed by himself and the Hidari Zingaro staff. Many of the works are quite large in size and definitely worth seeing.

In addition to new works, Kawakami has only chosen to exhibit older paintings showcasing what has become his signature style. The painting pictured here is particularly large and has a great visual impact.

He also brought with him a self-printed exhibition panel. He’s really up for this!

For the second floor display at Kaikai Zingaro, Kawakami enlists help from his friend, Mr. Hirabayashi. Together they have created an installation with emanates with ‘oriental’ and Buddhist energy.

So how did it all turn out? Kawakami will be present at Hidari Zingaro until the end of the exhibition, so please visit and see for yourself! We will hold a reception on July 5, complete with live and video performances.We hope you enjoy it.

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