Frequently Asked Questions

About GEISAI#22 & Classic

  • What are the differences between GEISAI#22 and GEISAI Classic?

    GEISAI#22 is an event where artists of 29 years old or younger on the day of the event who hs been creating original works and are seeking to make their debut are eligible to be exhibitors. The exhibition works by exhibitors will be judged by juries on site.
    GEISAI Classic is for artists who are 30 years of age or older on the day of the event, create original works and are seeking a break. Their exhibition works will not be subject for judges by juries on site.
    The works eligible for being judged and ways of judging are subject to change. Any changes will be announced on the website.

How to apply

  • How long is the application period?

    The application period for GEISAI#22 & Classic will start on Thursday, 26th of January 2023 and will be closed as soon as the booths are sold out. Please register as soon as possible.

  • Can I cancel my application?

    Yes, please contact to process the cancellation. *Please note that the application fee that has already been paid is non-refundable.

  • Can I change the number of Exhibitor Pass or Additional Pass I have applied for even after registration?

    Additional passes will be available for purchase at the entrance of the venue on the day before and on the day of the show.
    Please note that we will not be able to reissue lost passes nor make a refund for purchased passes.

  • Where can I get walls for my booth?

    If you need walls for your booth, please apply for the booth option that comes with a wall(s). Also, as regards additional options such as lights etc., please request it through the “Additional Request Form.”

  • Can I pay the exhibition fee by credit card?

    Yes, you can pay by credit card or by bank transfer.

  • Can I change the details of my application?

    If you wish to make changes to your application, please cancel your application and reapply.

  • I would like to exhibit for two people in one booth, but only one person will be at the exhibition. Do I need an additional pass in this case?

    Only one exhibitor pass is provided per application. If two people will be entering for installation or/and withdrawal process, please apply for an additional pass. If you are working alone, an additional pass is not needed.

  • Can I change my options after I have applied?

    You can change your options during the application period. However, once the application period is terminated, no changes will be applicable.
    *Please note that once you have paid the fee that was originally issued, no refunds will be made even if changes apply.

  • Is it possible to change the position of my booth once it has been allocated?

    GEISAI does not accept any request for re-allocation or change of booth location.

  • How do I get tables, chairs and other equipments?

    Optional equipments can be purchased at the time of application.
    You can also purchase additional equipments while the application period is valid. For more information, please click here.


  • When will I receive my exhibitor's pass?

    You will receive your exhibitor's pass at the reception after your identity verification on the day of installation.

  • Can I use removable tape on the floor to hold the work(s) in place?

    At GEISAI, use of tape on the floor is strictly prohibited regardless of what kind. In the case that a tape mark is left on the floor, the booth purchaser/exhibitor may be charged for repair.

  • Can I buy electricity?

    Yes, you can. For more information, please click here.

  • We will be keeping our works exhibited in our booth during the exhibition, but could they be placed in the corridor during installation?

    The use of the corridor is not permitted under any circumstances, especially during set-up, as other exhibitors will be passing through frequently with their belongings and artworks.

  • Is there a place to store cardboard boxes and other "packing materials" at the venue?

    We offer a fee-based storage service. Please take home all garbage that were produced during the installation operations.

  • If I paint my fire retardant veneer, is it okay if the fire retardant mark disappears?

    No, if the fire retardant mark is not visible, it will not prove that the veneer is fire retardant, so please ensure that the mark remains visible.

  • In a booth without walls, is it possible to make a partition in the booth or to bring in your own partition?

    Exhibitors are free to choose how to display their works in the booth, but we ask that you use flameproof materials when setting large walls. However, construction of ceiling structure (e.g. a roof) in the booth is prohibited for disaster prevention.

  • Do walls absolutely have to be "fire retardant"?

    We recommend the use of flameproof materials, especially for walls and other large areas. In the event of a fire inspection ascertaining applicable area(s) or object(s) to be flammable on the day of the exhibition, the fire brigade may ask for removal. We ask for your understanding in this matter.

  • How can I tell the difference between a "flameproof" product and a non-flameproof product?

    Flameproof products are marked with a "flameproof mark". If the label does not have this mark, it will not be acknowledged as flameproof.

  • I applied for a booth with walls, can I use drawing pins, nails, etc.?

    Please use drawing pins and nails on the provided walls of the booth to the extent that they can be restored to their original state. However, drawing directly on the walls is not permitted.

About the Exhibition

  • How are the works managed from the day before to the day of the event?

    The event organizers do not provide insurance for exhibiting works. We ask all exhibitors to manage and hold accountability in regard to the works that they are exhibiting. We recommend that you do not leave expensive items or valuables at the venue.

  • How do you know if something exceeds the precaution limits (i.e.: “Please be careful not to cause loud noises that disturb the neighboring booths”)? What will happen if it is deemed inappropriate?

    GEISAI organizing committee will observe on the day of installation and make a judgement, based on the “relevance to the content of the work,” "impact on surrounding booths" and "safety issues.“ Please follow the instructions accordingly.
    If you are uncertain of the boundary, please prepare an alternative plan/course of action in advance just in case.

  • Do the participants have to be present during the exhibition?

    There is no legitimate rule requiring obliged presence at the stand, but the organizing committee cannot protect or manage your booth, thus the included works as well. We kindly ask the exhibitors to take action at their own risk. If you are planning to sell your work, we recommend that you stay in the vicinity of your works and the booth, so as to facilitate the exchange with potential buyers. While staying close to the exhibited works, please be considerate with respect to other exhibitors’ and visitors space.

  • Is it possible to exhibit more than one work in a single space?

    Yes, as long as space permits.

  • Is it possible to include food and drink in my work?

    Due to hygiene and the risk of infectious disease, we ask that you refrain from displaying any work that involves cooking, eating or drinking.

  • Can I sell my work? If so, what are the regulations and charges?

    Yes, you can, there are no rules or fees incurred. However, we ask that you take care to avoid any problems with potential buyers and collectors. Please note that we are not responsible for any problems that may arise.

Other Information

  • In the case of multiple artists participating in one booth, is the judgement based on the holistic quality of the booth or could it be assessed on specific works out of the proposed line-up?

    In principle, the judging will be carried out on a booth-by-booth basis, even if more than one artist is exhibiting for a single booth. However, there may be exceptions if the jury has an irregular stance.

  • Can we eat at the booth?

    Yes, you may eat at the booth, but please do so within the limits of respectful manners and remember at all times that “GEISAI is an exhibition space.”

  • If we use existing pictures or images, such as collages, what are the copyrights and portrait rights?

    The organizers will not be involved in any copyright issues. It is at the discretion and risk of the individual who creates the artwork. Please note that GEISAI does not employ “the same day copyright” system.

  • What happens if the funds or artworks are stolen during the exhibition?

    We are not responsible for any troubled situation respecting financial management. There is no "guarantee,” thus, we ask all exhibitors to take care of their valuables, artworks, and sales etc.