GEISAI#14 Photo Report

GEISAI#14 The Announcement of The Winners!

Hello everyone, this is the Chairman.
For me, personally, this incarnation of GEISAI was one to remember. I felt as if we had finally realized the vision I had for the festival when it was first conceived.

In the enthusiasm dripping from the comments of our jurors, you could sense that they were aware of how the works would be received on the international stage when making their evaluations. Yes. This is the way GEISAI was meant to be. Not merely an exhibition open to the public, but a platform where artists could make their debut before the eyes of the world. We were finally able to set everyone – jurors, artists, and audience – alight.

This will be the only GEISAI held in Japan this year, but come autumn we will convene again in Taiwn.

And then, next year marks the 10th anniversary of GEISAI’s founding.

The results below represent the culmination of all this work and passion.
Thank you very much.

  • Gold meadalist
    C-79 Syuhei Yamada
  • Silver medalist
    E-80 Ayumu Iwamura
  • Bronze medalist
    D-46 Sachie Osawa
  • Hiroshi Ito Prize
    B-9 Koki Oguma
  • Sooku Sen Prize
    D-65 Naoto Yoshimura
  • Hiroki Nkamura Prize
    A-1 Masahumi Kamei
  • Shinji Miyadai Prize
    B-22 Tomoko Kawamata
  • Kaiichiro Morikawa Prize
    A-46 Emi Matsuyama
  • Liquitex Prize
    F-4 Iku Harada
  • Congratulations to all winners!