GEISAI#1 Gold・Shilver・Bronze Prize

  • Gold Prize

    Booth NOB054
    Artist NameYasuyuki Nishio
    ProfileYasuyuki Nishio was born in Tokyo in 1967. He garaduated from the Department of Sculpture, Musashino Art University. He won Encouragement Prizes at the Kirin Contemporary Awards (1999) and at the Kirin Art Awards (2000). He also won prizes at the Taro Okamoto Contemporary Art Awards (2000) and at the Noi Sawaragi Section of the Art scholarship. His style is very original: He makes a mold with depressions made by pressing his fingers into. As a result, the surface of his artworks are covered with numerous finger impressions. This is called “an accumulation of raw action.” After winning the gold medal at GEISAI#1, he has been working both in Japan and overseas. He is currently represented by YAMAMOTO GENDAI.
  • Shilver Prize

    Booth NOB093
    Artist NameYumi Shioiri
    ProfileYumi Shiori was born in Kanagawa in 1976. She graduated from the Department of Art, Osaka University of Arts. She picks everyday objects such as straw mat rooms, sliding doors, curtains, plugs and showers as subjects for her artwork. Her oil paintings are in calm tone colors and employ a soft touch. Her works expressing daily life have accessibility, and make us feel sympathy toward them. She holds her own exhibitions at the Ai Gallery in Ginza. She is currently working at her own pace.
  • Bronze Prize

    Booth NOA039
    Artist NameTakaaki Tsuchiya (PUCCI)