• Gold Prize

    Booth NOD008
    Artist NameMasao Kinoshita
    ProfileMasao Kinoshita was born in Nagano in 1971. He graduated from the Department of Sculpture, Tokyo Zokei University. Kinoshita employs an artisan spirit to create sculptures of imaginary animals with human-like bodies. Based on clay prototypes, he makes molds for his sculptures out of FRP. He uses a chisel to refine the details. The sculpture is delicately finished with watercolors and colored pencils in order to convey the physicality of the muscles. Kinoshita’s solid craftsmanship and expressiveness have been highly praised by many, including the famous toy collector Teruhisa Kitahara.
  • Silver Prize

    Booth NOB003
    Artist NameAtsuo Suzuki
    ProfileAtsuo Suzuki was born in Aichi in 1976. He graduated from the Department of Education, Shizuoka University. Suzuki is a minimal artist who creates paintings by applying layers of paints over a sheet of paper pasted on a board and then carving the layers with a chisel. Henceforth, he aims to create, over the course of one year, “a gigantic work that will embrace the viewer who stands in front of it.” In 2004, he received the penultimate prize in the “Toyota Triennale.”
  • Bronze Prize

    Booth NOA018
    Artist NameSekaigekijo Koki Kizawa/Takaki Kida
    ProfileSekaigekijo was an art until that creates chairs and interior goods made of driftwoods and other materials. In 1993, Sekaigekijo was originally formed with eleven members. It was reestablished in 1999. Sekaigekijo is run by Koki Kizawa, who is in charge of creating objects, and Takaki Kida, who is in charge of space design coordination.

    Koki Kizawa…
    After graduating from an art college, Kizawa worked for a design firm and then continued his artistic endeavors. In “The 12th Tokyu Hands Grand Prix,” he won the Shinpei Asai award. He also won a prize in “The 15th Tokyu Hands Grand Prix.”

    Takaki Kida…
    After studying architecture in university and vocational school, Kida worked for an architectural firm. His works ranges from the design of residences and shopsto coordination and display.