GEISAI TAIWAN#1 Photo Report

GEISAI TAIWAN Photo Report1/Installation・The Eve Party

GEISAI TAIWAN came to a close on December 6, 2009!! We are happy to present a photo report on the installations which took place on December 5 (Sat), the day before the start.

  • Our venue this time was Taiwan’s Huashan Culture Park. We were able to make use of the wine cellar of one of the park’s historic buildings and the atmosphere was spectacular.
  • Installation began form 2 PM on the 5th.
  • The venue was soon filled with artists making their preparations.
  • Many of the exhibitors built installations of considerable size.
  • Once installation was completed, a pre-event part was held from 9:30 PM.
  • The party took place beneath the large bridge over the Keelung River. Led by our MC’s, a group of DJ’s began to spin!
  • An incredible 300 participants showed up for the party! Before long, everyone was barbecuing.
  • Chairman Chiu from the Taiwan Land Development Corporation was kind enough to provide with whole roast pigs!
  • And of course, no meat went to waste.
  • Participants loaded themselves with food and drink in preparation for the next day’s big event.
  • Keeping time with the music, exhibitors dance and sang together. Overall it was quite a powerful evening!!
  • We might also add that December 5 was juror Yoshitomo Nara’s 50th birthday!! He happened to arrive in Taiwan that day. Everyone present gathered to deliver a stirring rendition of “Happy Birthday”. Happy Birthday Mr. Nara!!
  • The pre-event party came to a close at 12:30 am, aptly setting the stage for GEISAI TAIWAN!
Photo by Takehiro Segawa (AZIO)