GEISAI#14 Photo Report

GEISAI#14 the installation beginning!

An installation of GEISAI#14 was started.
Exhibitors were being coming.

At the venue, carpenters were building the hall and exhibitors were installing their booths immediately.

  • At the end, Installation has begun!
  • Gradually exhibitors were coming to the hall before the time of the installation began at 17:00.
  • We were ready to distribute GEISAI goods to all of exhibitors.
  • Exhibitors were waiting for the entry. The scenery was felt GEISAI was beginning.
  • A stage also was being built immediately.
  • There were booths for the winners of the gold and silver medalists, and others of the jurors’ personal prizes.
  • “GEISAI University at Taiwan! GEISAI SPECIAL MEDIA BOOTH” by Yohei Kurose was being set up.
  • The following day, we would like to critic artworks on twitter and USTREAM. Participants’ name was displayed like that image above. It was like a TV program. Did a participant come from Osaka?
  • GIZMO, who performed a live show, installed a booth with their daily necessilities. That was recycle! They were thinking how to decorate the booth with a hanger! GEISAI was being opened at ten o’clock!