GEISAI#6 Gold・Shilver・Bronze Prize

  • Gold Prize

    Booth NOA002
    Artist NameErina Matsui
    ProfileErina Matsui was born in Okayama in 1984. She took part in GEISAI#6 with her self-portrait, which she painted while going to Tachikawa Bijutsu Gakuin (Tachikawa Art Institute), preparing for the entrance exams to art college. She painted herself in rapture in front of a bowl of shrimp chili, her favorite food. This painting won her school festival’s grand prize, and also the gold medal at the GEISAI#6 with its freedom of expression and unforgettably powerful impact. She is now studying oil painting at Tama Art University. She is energetically working on self-portraits, her theme of choice.
  • Silver Prize

    Booth NOA036
    Artist NameYamanaka Camera
    ProfileYamanaka Camera was born in Yamaguchi in 1978. He graduated from the Department of Music, Yamaguchi College of Arts. He and a friend began photography together in college , taking pictures of each other. When he came to Tokyo, he worked as a photographer’s video works. Meanwhile, he developed his original “camera show,” which was a combination of photo, video, and song. At GEISAI#6, he surprised the audience with a performance, for which he made sushi pieces using the part of a camera where the film is inserted. Curently, he is developing a “new product” using the camera itself to make a piece of work.
  • Bronze Prize

    Booth NOC162
    Artist NameMaki Hosokawa
    ProfileMaki Hosokawa was born in Osaka in 1980. She graduated from the Osaka Designers College. For GEISAI#6 she covered her booth with color copies of her picture diary, which she had been keeping every day for seven years, full of colorful illustrations and text. The balance and high quality she employed in her presentation were highly appreciated. She currently works for a merchandising company in Osaka City. She belongs to the design department of the company, and is developing characters for stationery and other fancy goods.