GEISAI#9 Gold・Shilver・Bronze Prize

  • Gold Prize

    Booth NOF020
    Artist NameSoichi Yamaguchi
    ProfileSoichi Yamaguchi was born in Chiba in 1983. He is now studying oil painting at Tokyo University of the Arts. He is interested to create a unique object, which consists of two shapes and that attracts attentions.
  • Silver Prize

    Booth NOA030
    Artist NameTakaaki Tsuchiya (PUCCI)
    ProfileTakaaki Tsuchiya as known as PUCCI was born in Okayama I 1972, and was raised in Shizuoka. He graduated from the Musashino Art Graduate School. In 1998, he established an apparel brand “BINARY SKATES” and a skateboard furniture company . In the same year, he also established “REAL STAINDGLASS JAHPON.COM,” a stained glass business he inherited from his family.
  • Bronze Prize

    Bronze PrizeC126
    Artist NameKazuharu Ishikawa
    Profile1977 Born in Nara
    2002 BFA in Tama Art University
    He performed “Improvisation Line Drawing” and won the prizes at GEISAI#9, the bronze medal, yukari-art Inc. Prize, B Gallery Prize. He is exhibiting at Art@Agnes2007 from yukari-art Inc.