GEISAI#4 Gold・Shilver・Bronze Prize

  • Gold Prize

    Booth NOCommercial Booth
    Artist NameGluten
    ProfileGluten was born in Kanagawa in 1971. She graduated from the Department of Sculpture of Tokyo Zokei University. She became a business worker, but then changed her career. She now performs as the character “gulten (‘gluten’),” who wears a suit of bread. In 2003, she made appearance on a TV Tokyo’s show Takeshi no Daredemo Picasso. She took part in GEISAI#4 as a representative of the shoe. She made a deep impression with the judges, which led her to win the gold medal.
  • Silver Prize

    Booth NOD063
    Artist NameIchiro Morimoto
    ProfileIchiro Morimoto was born in Kochi in 1976. He graduated the master’s program at the Department of Sculpture of Tokyo Zokei University. He participated in GEISAI#4 with a sculpture, whose mixture of photography and sculptural elements resembled a 3D game. His sculpture was made of clay over FRP base. He then took photos from different angles and glued them to the sculpture to look like skin. His attention to detail, including even the inside of the skirt, was widely admired.
  • Bronze Prize

    Booth NOE060
    Artist NameTsukasa Otake
    ProfileTsukasa Otake was born in Aichi in 1978. He graduated from the Department of Japanese Painting, Kanazawa College of Art. His mainly body of work consists of paintings. However, his contribution to GEISAI#4 was a series of paper cutouts. He had previously only shown his paper cutouts to his family and friends. Highly skilled, he never makes a rough sketches before he cuts the paper, and dexterously achieves a delicate silhouette.