GEISAI#3 Gold・Shilver・Bronze Prize

  • Shilver Prize

    Booth NOC016
    Artist NameShow Ynagisawa
    Profile Show Yanagisawa was born in Kanagawa in 1982. He graduated from the Department of Oil Painting Tama Art University. Besides creating art works, Yanagisawa energetically performs live painting at clubs in Tokyo. He also plays rap music as MC. He participated in GEISAI#3, submitting both oil paintings reminiscent of Ito Jakuchu’s Japanese paintings, and his own top pieces. He produced and released an independent music album “Ego Box.”he will begin working at the Commercial Company in April 2005
  • Shilver Prize

    Booth NOD050
    Artist NameYumiko Inada
    ProfileYumiko Inada was born in Tokyo in 1977. She graduated from the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design at Musashino Art University. Her wearing art and walking style attracted attention, and she won the silver medal at GEISAI#3. Inada is a protean artist who uses various mediums, including computer, drawing, dolls, and sculpture to express such motifs as girls vomiting, houses, and candy.
  • Bronze Prize

    Booth NOC024
    Artist NameStrange Egg Lab.
    ProfileStrange Egg Lab. was formed in 2002 by a married couple, Kanako and Yuichi Sato, based on the concept of the fusion of science and arts. Their presentation was highly praised, and they won the bronze medal in GEISAI#3. They had a baby boy in 2004.