GEISAI#13 Photo Report

  • GEISAI#13 came to a close on Sunday October 18, 2009!! We now bring you a photo report from both the festival on the 18th and the pre-event party on the 17th.
  • Installation began at 2 PM on the 17th!
  • At 10 am the next day, it was time for the main event. Guests soon began pouring in.
  • Everyone studied each work intently as they made their way around the room. By the way, there was no jury prize this time. Or so we had told everyone. But on the day of the festival, a new award was born out of the blue.
  • Mark Golden, associate of Turner Colour Works Ltd. and stylish CEO of the famous acrylic paint company Golden Acrylics, happened to be visiting the event. At his recommendation, we awarded the Golden Acrylics Prize to booth number 075 Hidetaka Suzuki.
  • Booth 075 Hidetaka Suzuki. Congratulations!! There were, of course, plenty of other powerful works to be found.
  • A spirited installation piece.
  • Relaxed and making a peace sign! Maybe it was the at-home feel of the venue, but everyone seemed really laid back.
  • We had many artists on-site selling their works.
  • Here’s a shot of a performance piece.
  • Paintings done with an energetic touch.
  • A set of mesmerizingly simple hand-made works.
  • Many artists brought their portfolios as well.
  • A booth packed with drawings.
  • There were also works of penmanship.
  • There was even a booth of textiles

All in all, GEISAI#13 was a lot of fun for everyone involved. We’d like to thank the exhibitors for all their tireless efforts. And of course, thanks to everyone who came to enjoy the event!

Last but not least, an announcement: applications for GEISAI#14 began on Monday October 19. This next GEISAI will be held at Tokyo Big Sight on Sunday March 14, 2010.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Photo by miget